Creating a (closed) Facebook group for your Local SIPN

It’s easy!

To create a Facebook group for your Local SIPN:

  1. Click in the top right of your Facebook page and select Create Group.
  2. Fill in your group name – we recommend “SIPN” followed by the name of your local school.
  3. Add at least one member to the group, by clicking Member below the group banner, then Click Add and select the people you want to add from your list of Facebook friends.  Click here for more information.
  4. Choose the privacy setting for your group – we recommend Closed.
  5. Click Create.

Once you create your group, you should personalize it by uploading a cover photo and adding a description.

You will automatically be made the group’s Admin but may add other Admins as well.  You can specify whether new Members need to be approved by Admins or can be added by anyone.

For more information you can read Facebook’s help page “How Do I Create a Group?“.

Other parents wishing to join a new Local SIPN Facebook group after it has been created:

  1. To join a group, search the name for your Local SIPN group and click Join Group in the top-right corner.  To be searchable on Facebook, the group must have its privacy setting as Closed.  Alternatively, if you set up the group as Secret then you can only be added by a Member and you must be their Facebook Friend.
  2. Depending on the group’s Admin settings, you may still have to wait for a group admin to approve your request.

For more information you can read Facebook’s help page “How do I join a group?“.

If you decide to have a Steering Committee to organize and oversee meetings and activities for your Local SIPN, you may wish to set up a separate Facebook group for the members of that Committee only.

You can find more information and related topics on Facebook groups here.