Our Values and Vision

We believe that all children regardless of their background or ability have the right to a quality inclusive education at their neighbourhood school.

We are a network of families committed to vibrant and welcoming school communities where every child is valued, supported and given access to equal opportunities and learning experiences.

We think that parents supporting parents at the local school level through sharing information, experience and insights about school inclusion, can help to create more inclusive school communities and improve outcomes for all students and their families.

What We Do

We operate at 2 levels:

  1. as a source of information and resources for families to support inclusion in general education; and
  2. as SIPN local parent support groups (SIPN Local Groups).

Following the establishment of All Means All, we agreed to become a parent support project of All Means All, to share information and resources and access the All Means All national network which includes families, academic experts, teachers, education assistants, school principals, people with disability, disability organisations and other members of the community interested in supporting the right of every Australian student to access an inclusive education.


By becoming a member of SIPN you can be part of our inclusive education community and join us in promoting inclusive education for ALL!

As a SIPN member:

  • you can participate in membership events, activities and advisory groups;
  • you have a voice as a member on our social media forums, consultations and feedback; and
  • you can keep up with policy and government programs and developments relating to inclusive education.

Set up you own SIPN Local Group

A SIPN Local Group is a group of parents supporting each other and sharing knowledge in their own school community through initiatives such as social get-togethers, regular contact through a closed Facebook Group, parent-to-parent mentoring or support, etc.  You can read more about the benefits of SIPN Local Groups here.

The power of a national network means that we can look beyond our own backyard when seeking ideas or solutions and trying to make more sense of the “big picture”, particularly in education of students with with disability and diverse learning needs.  Where great things are happening in schools, practical ideas and local learnings can be easily shared across the network.

You can contact us to find out if there is a SIPN Local Group at your child’s school or for information about the benefits of starting one or joining an existing local school group to our network.