Why Include?

School is the gateway to society and inclusive communities start with inclusive neighbourhood schools that  value diversity and respect the right of ALL students to be welcomed and to belong – they benefit not only students with disabilities but ALL students. An inclusive school … Welcomes ALL children, regardless of background ability or other “difference” Recognizes that ALL … Continue reading Why Include?

What is Inclusion?

Inclusive education is not a passing “fad” or the latest educational philosophy.  It is a legally-supported, evidence-based way of delivering education that recognises the individual characteristics of all students, offers pedagogic alternatives that cater for the diverse educational needs of each child and respects the  fundamental human rights of every child to be a part of their communities. To achieve success in your … Continue reading What is Inclusion?

Your Child’s IEP – Your Vision

Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings or “case conferences” are important because they set the formal goals or objectives that your child’s school team will be pursuing to support your child’s learning.